Spitfire Mk.II N3290

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N3290 is a replica Supermarine Spitfire Mk.II, in early WWII markings. The undersides are painted light blue (starboard) and black (port), to assist allied troops on the ground to identify it as an RAF aircraft. It also carries the yellow “gas warning” patch on the top of the port wing, which would change colour if the aircraft was exposed to gas chemical weapons.

N3290 is completed with a “public friendly” cockpit, which includes basic representative instruments and controls, and allows members of the public to sit in the pilot’s seat for photo opportunities. Also, the wings fold and rotate just outboard of the wing-root, enabling the wings to be folded and the replica to be trailer mounted for transportation.

The photos shown were taken at the Cosby “Victory” military re-enactment show in September 2011, where representatives from 46 different military re-enactment groups displayed and took part in representations of various WWII battles, in full authentic garb, and using authentic equipment, vehicles (including many tanks) and tactics ( www.thevictoryshow.co.uk ).

N3290 was constructed by Gateguards (UK) Ltd and is owned by Mr. Barry Wallond, who kindly provided it to us for this, and other shows in the UK. Thanks Baz.