Cornish cross, Celtic cross update

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Cornish cross, Celtic cross update

The Cornish Cross is ready for delivery and has been awaiting the final preparations to the Plinth. Weather for erection is a challenge and it appears the main concerns are the wind. There are going to be two cranes lifting into position and this will be carried out at night.

The cross will be loaded from at Newquay Airport premises and driven via the A30 to Exeter and then back towards Plymouth on the A38 where it will park and await nightfall. Once the Tamar Bridge has given the green light to cross the operation will spring into action.

The outer surface of the cross has copper dust incorporated into its structure and in time it will become a striking verdigris green.

The small dedicated Gateguards team are very proud to be associated with the Cornish Cross and the Saltash Waterfront Residence Association.

Gateguards wish to thank all of those involved , special thanks to Duncan Healey , Stig Mc Donald and Simon Thomas