Celtic Cross, P51 and BAE Systems

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Celtic Cross, P51 and BAE Systems

After months of hard work here at Newquay we are now able to tell you what we have been working on. Due to the nature of the projects we were unable to put them on our website.

We are currently constructing the Celtic Cross monument which is to be sited at Ellwell Woods , Saltash.  Duncan Healey has been managing the project with Alaistar Mc Donald  a skilled composites engineer taking a hands on approach.

Gate guards were at Farnborough this year with a UCAV built for BAE Systems which was set up on the approach to the BAE Arena. The aircraft was built over a short time period and was a credit to all involved.

Early Spring saw a P51 Mustang delivered to the USA. This aircraft was built to commemorate the black aviators during WW2 and now rests in a museum specially built in Tuskegee.